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Tree Trimming – Raising the tips of limbs, branches, cleaning out the inside growth or cutting dead wood from a tree. Many clients use our tree trimming services to bring more sunlight to their lawns or garden. Other reasons people choose to trim is due to new construction.  Tree limbs may be growing dangerously close to their home, driveways, sidewalks, pools, decks or simply spoiling the view.

Our tree trimming service can beautify your trees and custom trim large or small trees exactly the way you prefer.

Tree Thinning – Taking off the a little of the top of your tree, but not topping. This will help get weight off your trees and tree thinning will help wind blow through it easier in high winds.  Tree thinning will help reduce the chance of the tree falling over during high winds and floods.  Thinning will also help promote more sunlight absorption and keep larger limbs stronger.

Tree Shaping – Rounding over a tree or making it evenly shaped and proportioned.  A tree shaping service needs to have the right knowledge in tree cutting and tree care services, so that the tree is not harmed in the shaping process.  Improper shaping can damage a trees structural growth.

Why would you ever need a tree shaped? Hurricanes, ice storms, tornadoes and high winds tend to break limbs, branches and tree tops quite often and shaping often becomes necessary for aesthetic and functional reasons.

Tree Pruning – Cutting out the limbs or branches, by removing small sucker growth or sprouts throughout the tree. Also clipping the tips of the branches to promote healthy growth is considered pruning. Tree pruning is mostly done to fruit trees and smaller shrub like bushes.

Debris Removal – Removing any tree, shrubs, limbs, branches, stumps, logs, sticks, and fallen trees from your home or commercial property. After the hurricanes came through Houston, Texas many property owners were left with large amounts of fallen tree and debris stacks. We offer a debris removal service with affordable prices and fast crews that can haul off any tree, stumps or logs.

Stump Grinding – The process of removing stumps from a property with a stump grinder or digging it up with a machine. Stumps that are hard to reach, like in the backyard, or close to your deck or pool, our machines can reach. We carry a large stump grinder for multiple stump and large ones. Also, a small compact grinder for difficult to reach stumps in Wichita.

Emergency Tree Service – We provide emergency tree service and tree removal functions for all of Bryan/College Station and surrounding cities. Tree removal from house, home driveway or property day or night, we can help.

BCS tree services, trimming, pruning, removal, shaping, debris removal, lot clearing, spraying, fertilizing, cutting, care, evaluation, company and arborist. Use our tree cutters and receive professional and well trained crews that can handle any job.