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Do you need more storage space, or maybe just a place to put all your tools? We can build from your plans, or design the right structure for you.
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Some things to consider when designing your new shed

Firstly, you have to determine what is the base of your shed.  Concrete is a popular and long lasting choice.  First the ground is leveled and then a concrete slab is poured over metal reinforcement.  This part must be done correctly and with attention to detail or the concrete may crack and/or settle unevenly in the future.   While generally the best choice concrete can be cost prohibitive.  Slabs for a smaller shed can be poured with ready-mixed concrete bags.   Slabs for a larger shed or outbuilding are poured with concrete delivered by the yard in a large concrete truck.   Concrete is unforgiving and requires experience to pour and finish, so it’s important to have the job done by professionals.

If the ground is particularly uneven, or you are trying to save money a wood floor is the second best option.  A wood floor for your shed will still provide an even, relatively care free floor for years to come.  And, suspended above the ground, a wood floor may not require the ground to be perfectly level.  While not as durable as concrete a wood floor, well protected and properly installed, will last decades.

Lastly, a simple dirt floor may be all that you need.  Provided that the rest of the wood is protected well, it is possible to use the earth as your floor.   There are some plastic protective sheeting designed to be laid over earth to protect the soil.

Walls and ceilings also provide the homeowners with a lot of choices.  The walls can be insulated and completely finished just like the inside of your home or simply covered with one layer of painted plywood or composite siding.    Simple roofs can be flat, or pitched.  Choosing the right style is a combination of aesthetics and functionality.  Flat, tilted roofs are generally the lowest cost option requiring less lumber and time to build.   Pre-fabricated roofing or tin are a popular and cost effective roofing solution.