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Landscapes need water to flourish and grow. In SouthCentral Texas relying completely on natural rainfall is rarely the best method of supplying water to your plants. In order to maintain the health of your grass and the other plantings in your yard an irrigation system is usually a necessity.  A properly installed and maintained underground sprinkler system conserves water and saves you money and time directing water only when and where it is needed.

Greenriver Lanscaping is a licensed installer of irrigation systems.  Our license number is LI0021377 and is onfile at TCEQ, the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality.

The type of grass in your lawn also determines irrigation needs. Some turfgrass varieties have higher water requirements than others.   Also, due to the high temperature in the Texas summer, irrigation systems need to be properly installed and designed in order to reduce evaporation and waste from overspray and mid-day watering.

Your soil type also affects the efficiency of irrigation as well. Sandy soils absorb water more quickly than clay soils. If you supply more water than the soil can absorb, runoff is the result. An irrigation system gives you better control of the moisture content of your soil.

Having a professional install your system ensures that your system will adequately water without wasting water,time and money.